On Tuesday, December 18, 2018, in the area of 2 Masovian Sappers' Regiment in Kazuń Nowy, a contract was signed for the delivery in 2019 - 2022 888 special high-mobility vehicles of average capacity of the brand JELCZ type 442.32.

The contract was signed by the Chief of the Armament Inspectorate, General Brig. Dariusz Pluta and acting President of the Board JELCZ Sp. z o.o. Leon Szuturma and Member of the Board JELCZ Sp. z o.o. Dominik Gerbszt. The agreement was signed in the presence of Mariusz Błaszczak, the minister of national defense.

It is important that the money that is spent on modernization goes to the Polish defense industry. This vehicle works well. It is used by sappers, but also by other units of the Polish Army. It is used on missions and gets the best possible ratings of users, and therefore soldiers - said Mariusz Błaszczak, the head of the Ministry of Defense during a briefing on the supply of JELCZ trucks for the army.

The contract includes the purchase of 473 vehicles under the guaranteed order and 415 cars under the option. The order also includes a logistics and training package. The total value of the contract is PLN 784,177,777, including the guaranteed portion of PLN 419,541.759 and the value in the optional part of PLN 364,629,018.

- Special high-mobility vehicles of average capacity JELCZ, which will be produced in 2019-2022 based on the next delivery contract, are well-rated by soldiers. Produced and handed over in the number of more than 1,300 pieces to military units, including units of the Territorial Defense Forces. JELCZ vehicles are used in all types of armed forces - said acting President of the Management Board of JELCZ sp. z.o.o., Leon Szuturma.

The subject of the order are two-axle special high-mobility vehicles of average capacity JELCZ type 442.32 in 4x4 configuration, adapted for driving on both hard surface roads as well as overcoming obstacles. Driven by a 240 kW engine at 2200 rpm. (326 hp), they develop a speed of up to 85km/h. Permissible total weight of 442.32 is 15.6t. with a maximum load capacity of 6t.

The order is already the third contract for the delivery of JELCZ 442.32 vehicles for the Polish Armed Forces. The first contract for the delivery of 910 trucks was concluded in 2013.

The second contract for the delivery of 500 trucks was signed in 2017. The next order is a continuation of supply of model 442.32 for the Polish Armed Forces to unify the fleet of vehicles of this class.





On 09 April 2014 the Company's current business name has change from

"JELCZ-KOMPONENTY" Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością


JELCZ  Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

█  On the 29th of November, 2013 in the headquarters of Weapons Inspectorate of Polish Ministry of Defence(IU)contracted to supply 910 medium load,
high mobility vehicles Jelcz 442.32 in the years 2014 - 2018, designed specifically for the needs of Polish Armed Forces.

The details on the IU MON website at

  In the 26th of April of 2012y – 100% shares of "JELCZ-KOMPONENTY" Ltd were sold to Huta Stalowa Wola Co. HSW since the 26th of April of 2011y is the only one owner of Jelcz-Komponenty Ltd.

 October 2011y– a new paint shop started activity.


On 23th September 2011 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of JELCZ establishment (1st July 2001). The ceremony honored with his presence: member of the Parliament on VI term Roman Kaczor, mayor of Jelcz-Laskowice Kazimierz Putyra, deputy of mayor Piotr Stajszczyk and Director of 20 Regional Military Agency colonel Andrzej Całek. Chairman of Board Władysław Czubak distingushed 48 employees, who particularly contributed to development of our company.


Prize of President of Poland for JELCZ Ltd

During 19th International Defence Industry Exhibition at Kielce JELCZ was awarded with prestigious Prize of President of Poland for wheeled transportation platform on the chassis of special vehicles JELCZ 662D.35 and JELCZ 882D.43.


Chairman of Board, Władysław Czubak received the prize from lieutenant general Lech Konopka, Director of Supervising Department over Armed Forces. The prize was passed during ceremonial gala of Defender awards on IDIE 2011.

█ During 18th International Defence Industry Exhibition, which was held at Kielce on 6th-10th September 2010, our company was awarded with prestigious DEFENDER prize again, this time for high load capacity and high-mobility JELCZ 882D.43 vehicle. More on

█ In period 21-23 June 2010 at Jelcz-Komponenty was carried out – with positive outcome - an audit to certificate company’s quality system for conformity with PN ISO 9001:2009 and PN ISO 14001:2005 standards.

█ During 17th International Defence Industry Exhibition, which was held at Kielce on 6th-9th September 2009, Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Urządzeń Mechanicznych OBRUM Sp. z o.o. Gliwice was awarded with DEFENDER prize for modern vehicle bridge transported on truck-tractor JELCZ (DAGLEZJA).

█ We inform with pleasure, that on 16th International Defence Industry Exhibition, which was held at Kielce on 8th-11th September 2008, our company was awarded with prestigious DEFENDER prize for JELCZ 146 armoured cabin used in high load capacity and high-mobility truck vehicles. It is already the second DEFENDER prize for JELCZ, the first one was granted S662D.43 vehicle in 2002.

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