JELCZ 442.32

Manufacturer: JELCZ Sp. z o.o.
Type of vehicle: PLATFORM TRUCK
Trade mark: JELCZ


Drive system:



JELCZ mark 442.32 type platform truck is 2-axle, all-wheel drive (4x4), high mobility specjal vehicle. The chassis is adapted to on-road ond off-road drive and meets requirements of ADR regulations.
Temperature range of exploitation : -30oC till- +50 oC.
Fordability till 1,2m. Jelcz mark 442D.32 type is offered as platform truck or chassis for special substructures / on customers request /. Load- carrying body ( without canvas) is adapted for transport of goods in bulk or on pallets and 10ft ISO containers.


Vehicle curb weight [kg]



Load capacity [kg]



Gross vehicle weight [kg]



Length [m] - 7,800
Width [m] - 2,550
Height [m] - 2,740
Wheelbase [m] - 4,100

Type of engine - MTU 6R106TD21, EURO III
Rated power - 240 kW / 2200 rpm
Max. torque - 1300 / Nm / 1200 - 1600 rpm

 Gear box

Joint with engine, 9-speed manually actuated (eight forwad gears synchronised and one reverse gear), equipped eith PTO Speed limitation till Vmax 85 km/h according to ADR regulations. 

Transfer case

With interaxle differential lock, pneumatic; changeover:road/off road.


Single plate, dry.

Drive axles

with differential lock suspended on two half-elliptic springs with rocking levers, two telescopic shock absorbers, mechanical stabilizer.


Tyre size 14.00 R20
The vehicle is equipped in - 4 wheels + 1 spare wheel.


- hydraulic winch with 70 kN towing power,
- air heating system working independently of engine,
- water heating to simplify engine starting,
- installation adapted for lighting camouflage and use of night-vision device,
- filter-ventilating device,
- air conditioning system,
- load - carrying body made of steel.


- cab with 2, 6 places,
- central tyres inflation system,
- search lamp,
- orange flasher lamp,
- front head lamps, indicators lampshades, rear combined lamps and side outer mirrors protected by metal,netlike shields,
- blue color operational lamps,
- VFI inserts adapted for driving with unsealed wheel and absorption of detonation energy under the wheel,
- BEADLOCK inserts adapted for driving with low level of pressure or unsealed wheel,
- camouflage painting.


With 4 places, armoured ensuring crew ballistic protection level established with customer according to STANAG 4569 standard.
Cabin hydraulically tilted.In front – two flat, armoured windscreens. Hatch on the roof for ventilation and evacuation.
Driver and co-driver seats with automatic safety belts and headrest, with air springing system and horizontal and vertical regulation of lower part of back. Crew seats without air sprinting system.
The cab is equipped in 24V plug-in sockets for electrical devices powering and top lighting,illumination at foot-plates acting automatically after door opening, additional lighting on passenger knees.

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