• painting of elements at their maximum length 12x 4x 4 m with using optionally chosen, generally available diluent varnish materials drying at temperature 800C. Application with using of SATA varnish equipment.
  • two-coat powder painting of elements at dimensions 800x 1200, colour and structure to select.
  • metal sheet cutting on cutters (max thickness 16 mm at max width 2500 mm and max thickness 6 mm at width 4000 mm)
  • metal sheet cutting on plasma burning machine
    – dimensions of the cutting:
    2000x4000x35 mm (ordinary steel)
    2000x4000x25 mm (stainless steel)
    2000x4000x20 mm (aluminium)
    2000x4000x100 mm (ordinary steel with gas using)
  • piercing and punching on CNC FINN-POWER punching machines
    (dimensions till 1500×3000 mm)
  • sheet metal bending on CNC AMADA bending presses. Max pressure 2200 kN (220 t)
  • sheet cutting on line for cutting from ring. Max thickness 3 mm, width 1300 mm
  • pipes bending on bending machine, diameter from 12 till 90 mm
  • machining centers
  • automatic lathes
  • screw cutting and roll-threading
  • universal and numerical controlled miling machines
    (x=1500 mm, y=3600 mm, z=170 mm)
  • grinding of shafts, threads and other shape profiles
  • broaching of holes and sets
  • cutting of rods, pipes and shape profiles on band saws and shears
  • drilling on multiradial and combined drilling machines
  • boring on boring and miling machines
We provide welding services combining materials in the following methods:
  • TIG (141) – tungsten inert gas
  • MIG (131) – metal inert gas
  • MAG (135) – metal active gas
  • Gas weldingoxy-acetylene(311)
  • Direct spot welding (212)
  • Lap seam welding (221)
Combined materials as follows:
  • Stainless & acid-proof steel
  • Armored steel for special utilities
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Structural steel
  • Non-ferrous metals