JELCZ Ltd was established the 1 July 2001 as a result of economical transformation of JELCZ SA, which is a producer of well-known in Poland buses, trucks and specialized fire vehicles of JELCZ mark.

Range of activity:

  • production of truck vehicles up to 32 tons of total weight
  • production of parts and assemblies for wheeled and rail-vehicles and also devices for agriculture according to provided construction documentation
  • production of spare parts for usage vehicles of JELCZ mark

We dispose of CNC machines for metals and sheet metals mechanical machining and press processing, high-qualified staff and experience in automotive and metal branch.
We guarantee to meet customers expectations regarding both our products and services quality and conditions to gain them.

Management Board

Marcin Runowicz
Acting Chairman of the Board


Krzysztof Biegaj
Member of the Board

Supervisory Council

Mateusz Gutowski


Jarosław Marian Sarna
Member of the Council


Robert Krzysztof Sarna
Member of the Council


Rajmund Adam Kietliński
Member of the Council

Ownership Structure

The share capital of JELCZ Sp. z o.o. consists of shares totalling PLN 28.983.000 of 57966. All shares of the company have HSW S.A.
JELCZ Sp. z o.o. is part of the PGZ S.A.Capital Group